Your Musical Child

培養孩子的音樂路的方法節錄於Your Musical Child : Inspiring Kids to Play and Sing for Keeps, By Jessica Baron Turner, MA

1. Stand firm in your commitment to your child’s music education. You child will
benefit from hearing  a clear message that making music is important and valuable.
2. Find kind, thoughtful, experienced teachers for you child. Ask for their reference so you
can talk to current or former pupils.
3. Participate in your child’s music lessons when appropriate. Coming into lessons for the
first and last five minutes helps you child get settled and deeps you current with what
he/she is learning.
4. Motivate and inspire your child to engage fully in making music rather than pressuring
him to succeed.
5. If practicing becomes problematic for your child, find ways to adjust his/her approach.
Do not let practice problems escalate. Change is Good.
6. Keep a record or a journal marking your child’s musical experiences and high points.
Include art, photos and videos. This will make is efforts easy to see and celebrate.
7. Enjoy music together every chance you get.

孩子學習音樂的道路其實並不孤單,除了老師外,家長也必須努力。Miss Wong的父母都不懂彈琴,但家中的唱片和電視間中播放的音樂節目卻陪伴我成長,令我漸漸愛上音樂。練琴其實是頗痛苦的事,幸好有家人的鞭策及鼓勵,我才能堅持到底。

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