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老師 : 不單教導學生彈琴的技巧,還應教學生練琴的方法
Dr. Martha Baker-Jordan, Practical Piano Pedagogy (Warner Bros. Publications, 2003, 2004)

1. 守時是十分重要的,學生必須準時上課。所有已編排的課堂將不會因學生遲到而延遲或延長上課時  間。不出席者,該課堂會取消,學費亦不會退回。

2. 學生有責任依時出席課堂,而課堂不宜隨便取消。如有需要,請於一星期前親自或致電通知,如因

–初級至二級 : 每天30分鐘
–中級 : 每天45分鐘
–高級或文憑學生 : 每天1小時或以上

4. 老師於逢星期日放假。
公眾假期照常上課,24/12, 25/12, 1/1, 及年初一至三除外。

5. 當天文台發出黑色暴雨警告或懸掛八號或以上風球,課堂會另作安排或取消。

6. 歡迎所有家長觀察子女上課。家長亦可以得我同意下錄音或錄影部份課堂作參考用途。

7. 老師有權在課堂上錄影作教學用途,部份相片及影片會上載至老師Facebook專頁及網頁henrikawong.com作記錄及參考。

8.  當老師為學生準備皇家音樂學院、聖三一音樂學院或校際音樂節時,學生須繳交該級別的學費。

9. 請於每月最後一堂繳交下一個月學費,如該份有五星期,便要繳交五堂課的學費。請交現金。


11. 請保持雙手清潔,避免傳播細菌,如要打噴嚏或咳嗽,請用紙巾蓋住口鼻,然後用梘液洗手。如要生病便應該戴上口罩,防止飛沬感染別人。

Successful piano teaching derives from more than just the effort and skill of the piano teacher.
It also requires the dedicated involvement of student and their parents.The basic responsibilities of each part are :
–The teacher’s responsibility is to teach the student not only
how to play the piano but how to practice.
–The student’s responsibilities is to practice properly and
regularly and pay attention on the piano lesson.
–The parents’ responsibility is to support the student and see to
it that he practices.

Dr. Martha Baker-Jordan, Practical Piano Pedagogy (Warner Bros. Publications, 2003, 2004)

1. Punctuality is very important. Make every effort possible to arrive on time for your
scheduled lessons. Extra make-up will not be provided for latecomer. Lesson will be
cancelled with no refund when students do not show up.

2. Students should attend lessons on your scheduled time. It is advised not to cancel any
lesson. If it is necessary, please inform me in person or by phone at least one week prior
to the lesson. In case of sickness or emergency, please inform me at least two hours in
advance. Make-up lesson will be arranged by teacher. All lessons that I have to cancel will be make-up or credit will be given.

3. Students should maintain regular practice schedule.
For elementary level and grade 2 students: 30 mins/day
For intermediate level : 45mins/day
For Advanced level or diploma level : 1 hour or more than 1 hour/day

4. Day off on Sunday.
Please attend scheduled lessons on public holiday. Lessons are only cancelled on 24/12,
25/12,1/1 and the first three days of Chinese New Year.

5. When Black Rainstorm Warning Signal is issued and Typhoon signal No.8 or above is
hosted, all lessons will be re-scheduled or cancelled.

6. My door is always open for parents to observe their children’s lessons. Parents are allow
to take video or record part of the lesson for reference with my consent.

7. I reserve the right to take video during the lessons for educational uses.
I have a teaching page on Facebook and a website at, I use some photos and videos on these site for record and reference.

8. Students need to pay the tuition fee for the music class based on their current level.

9. Tuition is due on the last lesson of each month for the following month. All students are
required to take the fifth lesson when there is an extra week. Please pay in Cash.

10. All tuition fee, concert registration fee and ticket fee will not be returned in any condition.

11. Keep your hands clean. Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or hand when you cough or sneeze. Please help to stop spread of germs that make you and others sick. Remember to wash your hands with soap after coughing or sneezing. Please wear a face mask when you are sick with a cough or sneezing illness.

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