Piano Lessons 鋼琴課堂

I. Performance Diploma  演奏級文憑  (Adv. Cert./ARSM/ATCL/DipABRSM/LTCL/LRSM):
Lessons includes choosing a balanced programme for students and preparation of
programme notes.

II. Elementary – Grade 8 初級至八級:
I pay close attention to elementary students’ basis technique. Apart from teaching
piano pieces, lessons also includes preparation for aural tests and sight-reading skills.

My Piano Lessons :
* to make beginners enjoy piano lessons by playing music activities
* to teach beginners a good sitting posture and good hand shape
* to teach students proper playing technique
* to encourage students to “discover” new concept rather than telling them.
* to develop students good sight-reading ability and good aural skills
* to play pieces with diverse musical styles and to know more about composers and

我的鋼琴課堂 :
* 從活動中學習,讓初級學生在輕鬆的環境中上課
* 學習正確的坐姿及手形
* 教導正確的彈琴技巧
* 鼓勵學生自己找出答案,教學不單是說教
* 加強即席視譜能力及培養良好的聆聽能力
* 彈奏不同時期的樂曲及了解作曲家及樂曲的歷史

Students’ Videos 學生成長片段 : https://www.facebook.com/henrikapiano/notes/

* Please read the studio policy before any enquiry.  請於查詢前閱讀學生守則。

Contact me for a Trial or a Consultation lesson  預約試堂
Email : henrikastudio@gmail.com
Phone : 6855 3522

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Shop 49, 1st Basement, Home World, Site 12, Whampoa Garden, Hung Hom

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