Testimonials 學生/家長心聲

Cherizza (LTCL), F.5 Maryknoll Convent School
I have never seen a piano teacher as passionate and all-rounded as you. You pays full attention to every note I’m playing during each lesson, then gives as much comments as possible. You use body language, you demonstrate, you let me feel the music and the touch of every note. I improved so much within these two years that I just couldn’t be more thankful to you. You taught me so many detailed techniques, told me stories and backgrounds of different composers, you have increased my musical knowledge with so much concise details. Most importantly, you taught me not only what to practice, but how to practice. I am so thankful to have you as my teacher.

Vincci (ATCL), F.4 Diocesan Girls’ School
Thank you so much for being such a wonderful teacher, giving me inspiration and motivation to strive for higher standards. Years ago I nearly gave up piano, but your guidance and support has lend me out from that dark shadow.

Mrs. Yau, mother of Adriel (Gr.4) & Aden (elementary), P.4 & P.1, La Salle School
It was a very good show! Really proud of having you as the teacher of Adriel and Aden. Thanks for bringing us such an excellent performance.

Carissa (Gr.8), F.6, King George V School
Thank you for your teaching for these years. There have been so many great moments and it will always be one my best memories.

Mrs Tien, mother of Hans (Gr.2), P.2, IFS Adacemy

Gabriel (Gr.8), F. 1, IFS Academy
Thanks for teaching me. I love you very much and I’m your best student! (You must admit!)

Michelle (Gr.8) & Hector (Gr.6.), F.1 & P.6,  IFS Academy
Thank you for teaching us piano. It has been a honour being your students.