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Henrika Wong is the recipient of many distinguished performance diplomas, including FTCL in Piano Recital, LTCL in Piano Recital (distinction), ATCL in flute Recital from Trinity College London, and LRSM, DipABRSM in Piano Performance from The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. She graduated from the Hong Kong Institute of Education and earned a Bachelor of Music degree from Kingston University (London) with honours. She studied piano under the tutelage of Teresa Tang, Dr. Franz Mo, Dr. Karl Lo and flute with Brian Chan. Other teachers include Toh Chee Hung, Dennis Lee and Dr. Angela Chan.

Henrika enjoys performing, she has performed many solo and ensemble concerts, including feature performance in City Hall entitled “Mid Summer Melody Concert” (2006),  “Hong Kong Distinguished Piano Teacher” (2012). She was invited to a piano duo concert and a piano recital entitled “Beethoven Billiante” by Hang Seng Management College in 2016 and 2017 respectively. In 2006, Henrika presented her own piano duo concert in Hong Kong City Hall Theatre.  Recently, she presented an online flute recital with her students. Besides, She was awarded first class honour in Schubert Impromptu Group at the 14th Hong Kong (Asia) Piano Competition and won the 1st Prize and 2nd Prize in the Teacher-Student Duet and Piano Duo Group at the 5th Kawai Asia Piano Competition. She has been the adjudicator for the Hong Kong Youth Piano Competition and Hong Kong Aided Primary School Heads Association Piano Competition. Henrika is an enthusiastic advocate of music education. Many students have accomplished distinguished results, many of them earned their own performance diplomas, passed exam in distinction, and won competition prizes.

In addition to her accomplishments in piano and flute, Henrika also studied vocal. She obtained her grade eight in singing and theory from The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. Henrika is an experienced singing coach and choir conductor. She studied choral conducting with Dr. Paulina Wong, Ms. Leslie Anne Lewis and Dr. Michael Ryan. She served as guest artist at the Hong Kong Institute of Education vocal workshop in 2005. She was the former choral conductor and panel head of music at Chan’s Creative School and Yaumati Catholic Primary School (Hoi Wang Road), where she coached the musical “Doorways”. Later, she conducted the Po Leung Kuk Luk Hing Too Primary School choir until 2016. Her choirs are frequent winners in the choral singing in foreign language and hymn singing in English categories at the Hong Kong Schools Music Festival.

Henrika has four cats —  Chivas, Manhattan, Baileys and Asahi. She enjoys travelling, drawing, writing western calligraphy and spending time with her cats at leisure.

王慧心畢業於香港教育學院後,於英國京士頓大學進修,獲音樂(榮譽)學士。她亦考獲倫敦聖三一音樂學院FTCL鋼琴演奏院士文憑、LTCL鋼琴執業演奏文憑(優異)、ATCL長笛演奏文憑;英國皇家音樂學院LRSM鋼琴演奏執業文憑及DipABRSM鋼琴演奏文憑。鋼琴師承鄧自然女士、毛翔宇博士及盧嘉博士,長笛師承演奏家陳子俊先生,其他老師包括杜智衡女士、Dennis Lee及陳寶瑤博士,另於大師班隨英國鋼琴家Professor Geoffrey Pratley 及 James Smith研習,獲高度評價。


王氏亦考獲英國皇家音樂學院聲樂八級証書。她是位富經驗的聲學指導及合唱指揮,在學時隨黃慧英博士、Leslie Anne Lewis及Dr. Michael Ryan學習合唱指揮,曾於沙田大會堂音樂廳及理工大學綜藝館等參與合唱演出,2005年獲香港教育學院藝術系邀請,於合唱工作坊作示範演出。王氏於1999至2008年間擔任啟基學校及油麻地天主教小學(海泓道)合唱指揮及音樂科正、副科主任,期間擔任油麻地天主教小學(海泓道)音樂劇”Doorways”之合唱指揮及聲樂指導。其後於保良局陸慶濤小學擔任合唱指揮至2016年,她指導的合唱團於香港學校音樂節外文合唱組及英文聖詩組屢獲殊榮。

Henrika有四隻貓咪 —  Chivas, Manhattan, Baileys, Asahi,閒時喜歡與貓咪玩樂,也喜歡旅行、畫畫及寫西洋書法。

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