Flute & Singing Lessons 長笛及聲樂課堂


 From Elementary to ATCL / ARSM ( 初級至ATCL / ARSM演奏級)
我的長笛課堂教導    My Flute Lessons teach :
* 基本樂理知識     Basic music theory
* 正確的姿勢     Good posture
* 呼吸技巧,能夠吹奏圓潤的音色
Breathing techniques relevant to have deep, rich tones and a colorful sound
* 連音與吐音     Legato and tonguing
* 吹奏不同類別的樂曲     Play pieces with diverse musical styles
* 加強視譜技巧     To develop students good sight-reading ability
* 二重奏的技巧     Play duet with teacher


古典聲樂 Classical Singing / ABRSM Exam考試課程 :
(From Elementary to Grade 8 初級至八級)
我的唱歌課堂     My singing lessons teach /develop:
* 教導丹田呼吸、姿勢、咬字   Proper breathing, posture, vowels, diction,
* 舞台風度、與觀眾有良好溝通   Stage presence, connecting with audience

* 美麗、有共鳴及健康的聲音    A beautiful, powerful and healthy singing voice
* 學習不同類別的歌曲    Sing songs with diverse musical styles
加強視譜技巧     To develop students good sight-singing ability 

* Please read the studio policy before any enquiry.  請於查詢前閱讀學生守則。

Contact me for a Trial or a Consultation lesson  預約試堂
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