Take your time and think 停一停,想一想

Take your time to prepare and think. Please do not rush through it.
Posture : Sit tall, feet on floor, hands in lap.
Position : Find the right place to start.
Sound : Think the sound and try to hear it in your head.
Rhythm :  How fast the piece goes?
Try to hear it in your head. Count the first 2 bars to yourself.
Mistakes : No matter what happens, keep going.
Place your hands in lap when the piece is finished.

姿勢 : 腰要挺,腳放地上,手放大腿。
位置 : 找找樂曲開始的位置,然後把手放在鍵盤上。
聲音 : 想一想你期望彈出的音色,好像在腦袋播音樂似的。
節奏 : 想一想樂曲的速度,先在心中數2個小節。
錯誤 : 不論遇到任何錯誤,繼續前進。

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