For beginners 給初級學生

Before you start to play
1) Sit tall, feet on floor, hands in lap, relax your shoulder.
2) Put your hands gently on the keyboard.
3) To hold the fingers in a curved position.
4) Eyes on score, check the fingers position for both hands.
5) Think of the gentle sound and play. Remind yourself to move fingers slowly.

While you are playing
1) Maintain a good hand position with curved fingers.
2) Stay on the keys, don’t raise your fingers over the keyboard.
3) Listen to the sound and try to hear it in your head.

1) 腰要挺直、腳放在地上、手放大腿上、肩要放鬆
2) 手慢慢的放在琴鍵上
3) 手指要彎曲
4) 眼看譜、檢查雙手將要彈的位置
5) 彈琴前先想想溫柔的聲音,手指要慢慢的走動

1) 手指要維持彎曲
2) 手指不要離開琴鍵,切勿提高手指
3) 聆聽自己彈的琴聲,在腦海裡跟著旋律唱



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